Sock Donation : Declan Hannon & Alan Brogan present donation socks of to Limerick charity Novas

We were delighted today to present a donation of 1000’s of pairs of socks to Novas Ireland (Una Burns and Julie McKenna) with Limerick Captain Declan Hannon and Dublin football legend Alan Brogan at the Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa in Adare.

In November we launched a Limerick Sock Gift box designed by Declan Hannon, and a Dublin sock Gift box designed by Alan Brogan whereby we would donate 3 pairs of socks for every box sold. We managed to sell out of both boxes in 10 days.

Novas Ireland are a Limerick based charity that do incredible work tackling homelessness, we look forward to donating lots more socks to them in the future. #charity #oneboughtonedoated

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